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CPI International - Your Single Source for all ICP/ICP-MS Consumables, Supplies, and Small Instruments.

Our Mission

Our mission at CPI is to provide the highest quality, most reliable solutions to chemists, microbiologists, and scientific professionals throughout the world while providing unrivaled customer service. CPI shares the same fundamental values as Unique Investment Corporation. The fundamental basis upon which Unique was founded is that the people in a company are its most important assets. Unique has taken this philosophy one step further recognizing that if the attainment of a company’s goals are aligned with the satisfaction of its people’s individual goals, that company will be successful.

CPI is determined to encourage and drive focused and collective accountability. Our core strengths in both manufacturing and direct-to-customer sales require a constant commitment to excellence.

CPI’s guiding principles are: Integrity, Accuracy, Humility, Curiosity and Courage. Each of the companies in the Unique family has also adopted these Guiding Principles as their own.