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  1. Grueling and Costly Oil Production Calls For More Efficient Refinement Options

    Grueling and Costly Oil Production Calls For More Efficient Refinement Options

    Lab Organics for Fuel Analysis Depleted oil resources along with sustained high expense of exploration and refinement are forecasted to lead to global economic disruption. The decline in oil supply production has been a recurrent issue until now as fuel comprises more than one third of the global energy supply and powers over 95% of transportation usage. Oil wells typically cost millions of dollars to build. Thus, oil companies spend an inordinate amount of time analyzing exploration data for indications of oil sources before drilling.

    The determination of trace metals in petroleum products plays an active role in exploration and exploitation ventures throughout oil production. Elements or compounds identified in crude oil are often studied to gain insight on a petroleum source, which may then provide information relevant in oil formation. When oil presence is recognized, additional requirements such as production testing and appraisal wells are needed to identify the size and production capabilities of the reservoir.

    Moreover, monitoring crude oil quality is crucial in saving both energy and resources. Geochemical identification of oil component concentrations is commonly performed by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) due to its sensitivity and reduced analytical time required. However, this technique is not capable of detecting metal presence at minute concentrations (ppb level). In these instances, Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption (GFAA) is often used as an alternative method with its enhanced detection of low concentrations when compared to ICP-OES.

    Lab Organics for Fuel Analysis Analyzing crude oil is a complex procedure due to its different viscosities and numerous compounds. Natural oils may contain around 60 microelements with varying concentrations usually within the range of 10-7 to 10-10%. Unrefined crude oil also comes with an assortment of unwanted components including water, organic and particulate matter, and metals which should be extracted to produce clean marketable petroleum products.

    Known methods in elemental analysis of crude oil include:

    Choosing the most suitable oil component identification procedure requires many points to consider such as the the targeted degree of accuracy and precision required, operating resources available, different extraction technologies, and global fuel market trends. In practice, few standards can appropriately address these requirements.

    CPI International manufactures certified organic reference materials for precise quantification of metallic impurities and toxic chemical compounds enabling you to produce pure, high quality petroleum products. Choose from our extensive line of volatiles, semi-volatiles, and pesticide/PCB standards and supply your laboratory with world-class organic solutions for running challenging samples through ICP-MS, ICP-OES, and Gas Chromatography applications.

    As a custom manufacturer, CPI International also provides custom organic standards specifically produced for fewer calibration points and less dilution for quick and accurate petroleum analysis.

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  2. A Message from the CEO, Jan 2018

    A Message from the CEO, Jan 2018

    Exciting New Things

    Our website continues to improve with more products being added every day. Specifically, our online Standards inventory now offers thousands of products for your Organic and Inorganic needs. If you do not see exactly what you’re looking for, our Sales Team is just a phone call away, ready to customize your product any time.

    In November, we launched our MyCPI Rewards Program, offering the opportunity to earn points for dollars spent, new account setups, auto-ship setups, customer referrals and social media shares. These points convert to credits earned toward future purchases. If you haven’t set up an online account, I highly recommend doing so.

    CPI is proud to be a part of Pittcon 2018 next month in Florida. If your organization is attending this conference, plan on stopping by Exhibit Booth #3057 and saying hello to our Team. We would love to discuss your product needs and learn how we can help your laboratory run more efficiently. I look forward to meeting you in person.

    Our Dedication

    Continuous improvement is a critical piece of our culture here at CPI International. Our goal is to ensure quality products and unrivaled customer service. If at any point you feel we are not meeting your expectations, please feel free to contact me directly at

    Thank you for being a part of a successful 2017. May 2018 hold continued prosperity, joy and fulfillment for you and your business.


    Ryan Vice

    President & CEO

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  3. MyCPI Rewards Program

    MyCPI Rewards Program

    The MyCPI Rewards Program is driven by the inspiration and motivation provided by our valuable customers. Our rewards program provides all CPI customers with reward points earned through online shopping, Customer referrals, Facebook sharing, and creating an online account. These reward points convert to store credits which can be used for your next purchase to get discounts and maximize your laboratory budget!

    Everyone is entitled to take part in the MyCPI Rewards Program. Whether you’re a new, regular or returning customer, you are encouraged to participate in the rewards program as early as now!

    Reward points earned through the MyCPI Rewards program are equivalent to actual dollar values! Refer to the table below for the equivalent store credits of your reward points.

    Reward Points (RP) Earned Store Credits Value
    20RP $5
    100RP $30
    250RP $100
    500RP $225
    1000RP $500
    4 Ways to Earn Points
    Purchase Amount

    Customers who have completed orders of at least $200 in total are rewarded with corresponding points which accumulate as your order value increases. Use your store credits to get discounts on your succeeding orders! You can redeem as many as 1000 points, equivalent to $500 store credit just by shopping CPI products that you would regularly buy!

    Refer to the table below for the purchase amount needed to acquire points and its equivalent store credits.

    Purchase Amount Reward Points (RP) Earned Store Credit Values
    $200 - $999 20RP $5
    $1,000 - $2,499 100RP $30
    $2,500 - $4,999 250RP $100
    $5,000 - $9,999 500RP $225
    $10,000+ 1000RP $500

    Users who have signed up or created an account here on our website are rewarded with 20 points which is equivalent to $5 Store Credit. Reward points are given immediately upon creation of CPI account. You can either save the reward points you earned or use them right away to get a discount on your next purchase with us!

    Sign Up Now!
    Refer a Friend

    Simply refer a friend to our store to earn 20 RP, equivalent to $5 Store Credits, for every successful account sign-up. Your friend will also be given 20 RP through MyCPI Rewards’ Sign-Up Bonus!

    You can choose from these 2 easy ways to refer a friend:

    1. Share Your Unique Referral Link

    Go to the My Referrals section of your account dashboard. Copy and share your account’s unique referral link to a friend. The referral link will direct your friend to the CPI website where they should register for a CPI account to let both parties earn 20 RP!

    2. Send a Referral Invitation

    In the same My Referrals section, there is a form to let you conveniently send invites to your friends. Just enter their names and email addresses, and click on the Send Invitations button. The invitation will be sent to your friend’s email which will direct them to sign up for a CPI account. Upon signing up, you and your friend will automatically receive 20 RP!

    Log In and Refer a Friend Today!
    Facebook Sharing

    Coming Soon!

    MyCPI Rewards Reminders

    Please be reminded of the rules and conditions of our MyCPI Rewards:

    • Earned points can be cancelled after order refunding.
    • Points expire in 1 year after earning it.
    • Customers can view their rewards history in their account dashboard.
    • Customers can view a “My Referrals” section where they can see all actions and rewards related to attracting referrals.

    For any questions and clarifications, kindly send it through our web form here.

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  4. Letter from the CEO, Nov 2017

    Letter from the CEO, Nov 2017

    Northern California Wildfires

    Many have read about, and seen images of, the California communities devastated by wildfires in the news. Thousands of homes in our town were destroyed and many folks lost their lives. Thankfully, CPI International Inc.’s Headquarters was not in the immediate path of the firestorm and all CPI staff are safe.

    When the wildfires tore through Santa Rosa, mandatory evacuations displaced most CPI staff for several days. With that said, our dedicated staff kept the business operating with a skeleton crew within 24 hours of evacuations. Our staff’s resolution to continue serving customers’ during such a difficult time is a continued reminder of our staff’s dedication to becoming the best possible laboratory supply company for our customers.

    New CPI International Inc. Website and Upcoming Rewards Program

    In August, we launched our new website that includes improved mobile responsiveness, intuitive navigation, order history tracking, optimized search features and one click re-order function, just to name a few.

    Since the launch, over a hundred new products have been added to the site, along with specific categories for reference materials related to food safety, wine and cannabis.

    New products will continually be added in the coming months as our online product offering grows.

    Soon we will be launching a Rewards Program to provide our loyal customers rebates and incentives. More details on this program will be coming soon.

    Our Dedication

    Our team continues to work diligently to improve customer service, develop new product offerings, reduce product delivery time, and ensure the highest quality products.

    Hearing from our customers is very important, so if at any point you feel we are not meeting your expectations, please feel free to contact me directly at Our goal is and always will be to ensure great communication and great customer service.

    I wish you and your businesses continued success as you close out 2017!


    Ryan Vice

    President & CEO

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