MyCPI Rewards Program

MyCPI Rewards Program

The MyCPI Rewards Program is driven by the inspiration and motivation provided by our valuable customers. Our rewards program provides all CPI customers with reward points earned through online shopping, Customer referrals, Facebook sharing, and creating an online account. These reward points convert to store credits which can be used for your next purchase to get discounts and maximize your laboratory budget!

Everyone is entitled to take part in the MyCPI Rewards Program. Whether you’re a new, regular or returning customer, you are encouraged to participate in the rewards program as early as now!

Reward points earned through the MyCPI Rewards program are equivalent to actual dollar values! Refer to the table below for the equivalent store credits of your reward points.

Reward Points (RP) Earned Store Credits Value
20RP $5
100RP $30
250RP $100
500RP $225
1000RP $500
4 Ways to Earn Points
Purchase Amount

Customers who have completed orders of at least $200 in total are rewarded with corresponding points which accumulate as your order value increases. Use your store credits to get discounts on your succeeding orders! You can redeem as many as 1000 points, equivalent to $500 store credit just by shopping CPI products that you would regularly buy!

Refer to the table below for the purchase amount needed to acquire points and its equivalent store credits.

Purchase Amount Reward Points (RP) Earned Store Credit Values
$200 - $999 20RP $5
$1,000 - $2,499 100RP $30
$2,500 - $4,999 250RP $100
$5,000 - $9,999 500RP $225
$10,000+ 1000RP $500
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Facebook Sharing

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Sign Up

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MyCPI Rewards Reminders

Please be reminded of the rules and conditions of our MyCPI Rewards:

  • Earned points can be cancelled after order refunding.
  • Points expire in 1 year after earning it.
  • Customers can view their rewards history in their account dashboard.
  • Customers can view a “My Referrals” section where they can see all actions and rewards related to attracting referrals.

For any questions and clarifications, kindly send it through our web form here.

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