Never Run Out of Lab Essentials with CPI’s Auto-Shipment Service

At CPI International, we strive to make lab work convenient, efficient, and especially easy for our valued customers. With your busy calendars and ongoing projects, you can schedule recurring and personalized product deliveries within a specified time frame with one simple set-up.

Wherever you are around the world, you can enjoy the convenience of automatic shipment for your favorite CPI supplies!

1. Automatic Shipments with Flexible Release Dates

Keep laboratory supplies well stocked through recurring delivery of standing orders that can be arranged on a bi-weekly, weekly, quarterly or yearly basis, or even upon any agreed time frame!

2. Guaranteed Pricing for the Term of Agreement

Complement fixed budgeting and control expenses with uniformly priced orders for the entire duration of the term of agreement.

3. Invoicing with Each Shipment Release

Unlike bulk orders where one-time full payment is required, our Auto-shipment allows customers to only pay for products that are scheduled for delivery.

For a limited time, sign up for a one-year auto-ship and receive a $200 store credit to use on your next order!

Get Started with Your Personalized Auto-Shipment!

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